Sienna Matcha bowl or Incense Bowl


This Matcha Bowl is a beautiful in its Sienna Red color.  The ceramic matcha bowl was created in the kilns of Japan, some of the best ceramic producers in the world.

In addition, the bowl has a multi-purpose.  It can also be used as an incense bowl.

For use as an incense bowl: it is best to use rice or any grain small in size to hold the incense erect and steady.  The manufacturers who created these ceramics hire skilled craftsmen who are experts in the techniques who have also trained for many years.

Much of the production processes are carefully produced by hand in order to have a high quality design.  However, technology has allowed for machines to facilitate efficiency and allowing newer dimensions to be added on the finished bowls, therefore, it integrates superior modern and class craftsmanship.

This incense bowl is crafted in Japan, made of ceramic and measures 3" in Height and 4.5" in Diameter.