Healing Crystals and Stones

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Organza Pouch
Wire Cage
Wire Cage
From $4.00
Break Your Own Geode
Pointed Gemstone Keychain
Small Velvet Pouch
Irridescent Sapphire Organza Pouch with Tassels
Vegan Suede Leather Cord for Crystal Jewelry
Holiday Crystal Box
Rose Quartz Pendulum - Everyday Zen Gifts
Crystal Angel Prism-(small)
Sundial Shells (For Crystal Grid Boards)
Satin Cord for Crystal Jewelry
Aura Quartz Pendulum
'Your Sweetheart' Crystal Box
Flower of Life Crystal Grid Wood Board
Money Cowrie Shells Set (For Crystal Grid Boards)
Selenite Palm Stone- Mandala
Clear Quartz Double Terminated Gemstone Point
Clear Heart Crystal Box
Rose Quartz Sephoroton Pendulum
Brass Metal Trouvier Pendulum - Everyday Zen Gifts
Chakra Chain Amethyst Curved Pendulum - Everyday Zen Gifts
Brass Metal Cylinder Pendulum - Everyday Zen Gifts
Clear Quartz Faceted Pendum (Light Diffuser) - Everyday Zen Gifts
Evil Eye Glass Pendulum - Everyday Zen Gifts
Brass Metal Chambered Pendulum - Everyday Zen Gifts
Cascading Crystal Cross Prism
Clear Faceted Tear Drop Crystal Prism
Clear Faceted Sphere Prism
Chakra Crystal Prism
Clear Heart Crystal Prism  (40mm)
Aurora Borealis Star Crystal Prism
Aurora Borealis Crescent Moon Crystal Prism
Black Rainbow Almond Crystal Prism
Faceted Sapphire Moon Crystal Prism
Cascading Heart Crystal Prism
65 results