Crystals and Stones (Crystals by Shape)

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Break Your Own Geode
Amethyst Double Terminated Gemstone Point
Selenite Palm Stone- Mandala
Rose Quartz Double Terminated Gemstone Point
Clear Quartz Double Terminated Gemstone Point
White Selenite Iceberg Tower
Selenite Sphere
Selenite Sphere
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Selenite Palm Stone- Flower of Life
Fluorite Polished Stone - Large
Fluorite Polished Stone - Small
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Small Labradorite Wand
Small Black Tourmaline
Small Tiger Eye Wand
Polished  Clear Quartz Crystal Point- 3"
Polished Smoky Quartz Point - Medium
Faceted Pyrite ( High Grade ) - X-large
Polished Rose Quartz Point - Medium
Amethyst Specimen- Large
Lapis Lazuli Heart
Heart Shaped Crystal - Amethyst
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Hematite Pyramid
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Shungite Pyramid
Selenite Pyramid
Aventurine Sphere - 1.5'
Sodalite Sphere - 1.5 "
Fluorite Sphere - 1.5 "
Opalite Sphere - 1.5 "
Clear Quartz Miniature Dolphin - Everyday Zen Gifts
Clear Quartz Miniature Elephant - Everyday Zen Gifts