Angel Love Shells (For Crystal Grid Boards)


These cockle shells are a wonderful addition in the center spot of a Sacred Stone Grid. We call these Angel Love Shells because they resemble both a heart and angel wings and when you hold one in your hand you can tap into both those energies. As a heart it can symbolize a whole heart or a broken heart. As Angel wings, you can see folded wings on one side and wings ready to take flight on the other side These are great for metaphysical crafting.

The picture shows the front, back and open aspects of this shell to show it's many sides but you will get only one shell. Notice how this shell resembles a heart that splits in two when opened, and when closed a set of angel wings at rest on one side and a set of opening angel wings on the other side. This shell has a very high vibration to those who feel energies. It is easy to feel like you are comforted in a cradle of angel wings when you hold one. Try putting a stone inside, maybe a rose quartz for love, and using this as a center stone for the next Sacred Stone Grid that you make.

Approximately 1.25" Length per shell Includes 2 half shells