Soy Candle for Chakra Meditation Scented with Essential Oils | Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana | Vanilla | Sensuality and Creativity - 10.5oz


Aroma: This aromatherapy candle features Vanilla.

Top notes: Crushed Clove, Apple Peel
Middle notes: Shredded Coconut, Patchouli
Dry notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla Sugar Intention: Burn this candle to facilitate the opening of the Svadhishthana Chakra, the second energy center that, when functioning properly, awakens one’s sensuality and creativity. This chakra brings us in touch with the element of water.

“When the Svadhishthana Chakra is open, we experience vitality, harmony in married life, physical stability, deep communication with our surroundings, security, emotional tranquility, interest, a need for physical contact and caress, a joyful appearance, a balanced liver and gallbladder, and a constant body temperature. A good functioning of this chakra manifests as creativity and enthusiasm in life and great resilience because it stimulates the nervous system. People whose Svadhishthana is functioning in a balanced way will be sure of themselves, have healthy feelings of friendliness and fellowship, and be aware of the futility of accumulating possessions to attain bliss.” From the book Kundalini… the power is in you. This Chakra candle was inspired in the wisdom of Kundalini yoga in order to help in chakra meditation. Scented with essential oils, these alluring combinations are custom-tailored to balance the chakras. This candle has a corresponding yantra (a mystical symbol) carved into the cover, creating an illuminated pattern of sacred geometry that will give a meditative atmosphere to any room. Made of 100% pure soy wax, these soy candles have a highly clean, non-toxic burn. For a complete experience, meditation instructions are included. Packaging: The glass jar displays an Indian motif comprised of an elegant mehendi (henna) design. The bottom is made of heavy crystal. The jar is printed with an elegant pattern made with metallic brown organic paint. It portrays the sacred geometry of each chakra and includes the information needed for chakra meditation practice. After the candle has been fully burned, the candle holder can be repurposed as a drinking glass, or whatever creative idea you have in mind.

Contains: 1 candle 10.5 oz, cotton wick
DXH: 3.37”X4.25”
Weight: 1.80 lb
Burns: 50-60 hours
Made in USA

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