Small California Sage Wand


White Sage is a medicinal plant used for cleansing of space and objects. It can help purify the air through emitting negative ions into the space, kill bacteria in the air, and makes a nice aromatic incense. There are many uses for white sage. Many Native American tribes would use the sage in ceremonies. These 4" smudge sticks are made of pure white sage harvested fresh in Taos, New Mexico by mostly grown by Native Americans and members of the Taos Pueblo Community.
Salvia apiana also known as California sage, this white sage is sweeter in aroma than the desert sage from the Southwest.

To burn the sage stick:

Cut the thread at the top and spread the leaf.
Hold upside down and lite with a match.
Blow out the flame and spread the smoke over the person or object that is to be purified.

Made Of: Natural Herb 4" length

Made In: USA

Element Meaning: Smudging is used for cleansing and purification by smoke.