Resting Laughing Buddha Miniature Statue


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The Laughing Buddha (also known as Hotei in Japan or Pu-Tai in China) is thought to be based on an actual wandering Chinese monk who lived at the time of the Liang Dynasty (907-923 AD). He is incorporated in Buddhist, Taoist and Shinto traditions. He is most often depicted with a large round tummy, laughing or smiling. He also sometimes carries a cloth sack which never empties. In this bag are sweets for children, food, precious items, rice plants etc. He is a patron for the weak, poor and children and as well as giving it seems he takes away our woes and sadness. He symbolizes good luck, contentment, and abundance. He also sometimes carries a wishing fan, granting peoples wishes.
In Feng Shui, he is a symbol of wealth. He can be placed anywhere in your home, work or temple In this resting laughing Buddha he is carrying his pot and prayer bead.
Hand-cast high-density resin handpainted in with a wood look. Color will vary from Reddish Brown to Black

Hand cast in Nepal.

2.5" tall weight: 5.6 oz or 160 grams