Natural Backflow 'Assorted' Incense Cones


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Backflow incense cones are amazing because they create a stream of smoke downwards instead of upwards hence "backflow". Why *use backflow incense?  Backflow incense cones are used to create ambience and moods by using them together with a backflow incense burner.  There are many varieties of backflow incense burners.  Everyday Zen carry several kinds.  Our dragonfly one has tiered  lotus leaves in a pool of water so when you place the backflow incense cone on the stem, it will create a stream of smoke which looks like a stream of water that is coming off the lotus leaf into a pool of water that is actually a pool of smoke.  There are many styles of backflow incense burners to choose from. Choose your favorite and purchase one of our bulk pack incense cones and you soon will fascinate your friends with the ambience and wonderful scents.

Our bulk pack includes a variety of scented incense cones infused with essential oils.

Each cone measures about 1.5" x .5".

70 cones in one box.