Men's All-Natural Apothecary Shaving Set

$44.00 $70.00

This all-natural shaving kit that contains three must-haves for the grooming gentleman!  This apothecary set contains:

Pre-Shave Oil (2 oz)-  A blend of ultra-conditioning avocado, almond, jojoba, hempseed, and meadowfoam oils is packed full of vitamins and minerals that lift your whiskers for a super smooth shave, protect your skin and lend it a healthy glow. Before shaving, simply shake the bottle, pour a dime-size amount into your palm, rub your hands, and gently massage the oils into your stubble.

Shave Soap (2 oz)-  Made with bentonite clay, a form of volcanic ash, which helps detoxify and cleanse your skin. A signature scent of rosewood, cypress, and bergamot; a heady mix of essential oils that turns shaving into morning meditation. Just add water, lather up, and look forward to a smooth shave every time.

Post-Shave Oil (4 oz) - Soothes, conditions, and cleans your post-shave skin with a powerful boost of witch hazel. Naturally antiseptic and carrying  signature notes of rosewood, clary sage, and bergamot, this after-shave leaves even the most sensitive of skin irritation-free and gleaming.

Savings of  $18 when purchased as a set!