What is an Incense Match?
Exactly what it sounds like! Lights like a match. Burns like incense. Easy to carry and an easy air freshener. Follow the directions inside each book. You light the match let it burn down a ¼ inch and blow it out. Now it becomes a stick of incense, emitting one of these 14 fragrances. Place it in a shallow ashtray or small plated and enjoy! Each individual matchstick burns approximately 4 minutes. Contains 30 matchsticks wrapped in gold foil per book.


A single note of fresh strawberries. Sweet and tart.


A piney natural scent with sweet berry notes.


A softened blend of red, black, and yellow hollyberries with a hint of clove.


The heartwarming and nostalgic aroma of rich spicy stone ground cinnamon.


A straight and lovely coconut fragrance inspired by memories beyond the pacific.


Get in touch with your inner bohemian with this exotic earthy allure.


An eclectic blend of natural scents made up of various flowers and herbs.


A delicate blend of carefully selected light spices.

French Vanilla

Smooth, creamy vanilla inspired by the cafés of Paris.

Oriental Blossom

A fusion of blossom inspired by the royal gardens of the far east.

Goddess of Egypt

Sultry, warm and feminine. A base of exotic aromas with a hint of flowers.


Clean, crisp scent with floral notes.


A comfortable and velvety fragrance with a warm, sweet, woody note.


A sweet, warm, and woody aroma that is sensual and romantic.