Inca Natural Incense - 7 Herbs Therapeutic Incense


A combination of "7 Herbs" carefully selected, this incense produces an aroma with a fine presence, smooth and quite pleasant. Its infectious feminine energy, purifies, provides guardianship to and harmonizes the environment so that we can feel well, peaceful and at home. It brings the presence of the good Mother, of Life and of the Sea to our homes. Renew, purify and give birth. The 7 herbs are already a tradition in the process of crafting incenses, now reinforced through action of the artisanal process that only Inca brings to you.


  • Careful and handcrafted manufacture.
  • Natural, Artisan and Therapeutic Incense
  • Non-toxic
  • *Each stick burns for approximately 110 minutes

Composition: Charcoal, Breuzinho, Myrrh, Frankincense, Arruda, Estoraque, Benzoin, Cabreúva and Coarse salt

Your female energy contagious purifies, and harmonize the environment.

2 sticks /$4