Colorful Insects Garland


Hang a Nature Garland for FUN!

It measures 5 feet in length and will enhance any space, including mantles, entryways, windows and walls.

Great for kids rooms; this item is a perfect party-favor gift!

Made with sustainably harvested Lokta paper using traditional 2000 year old paper-making techniques. Lokta paper production begins in remote Himalayan forests. The Daphne or Laurel shrub grows at elevations of 5,000 to 16,000 above sea level. The raw fiber is collected by local villagers by sanctioned wild-crafting (individually hand-gathered) or by harvesting from government-managed forests. Cyclical harvesting or pruning improves the future growth of the plant. After the raw plants are harvested they are carried back to villages for pulp preparation. The branches and fibers are chopped, soaked and boiled to soften and homogenize the pulp. Prepped fibers are then mixed with water and poured into vats, then sieved onto screens to create sheet paper.

Natural and color-safe synthetic dyes are used to color the paper; after drying the paper may be individually printed using traditional silk-screened methods.

Hand-made lokta craft paper products offer much needed economic sustainability for poor rural Nepalese people (often women).

2.5" height  x 5" length