Amazonite Mala, 108 beads


Hand-knotted. 108 genuine gemstones.

Ethically made. This beautiful and calming stone connects the heart and the throat, enabling the wearer to speak their truth with compassion. It is considered a stone of luck, trust, hope and integrity, building confidence and the ability to manifest your desires. It balances the masculine/feminine polarities. Amazonite stills the mind and reduces self-limiting behaviors. It soothes the nervous system to ease fear and worry. Amazonite enhances intuition, brings clarity and builds self-esteem.

A stone of truth, luck, trust, hope & integrity. Allows one to speak compassion & truth. Calms fear & worry. Soothes the nervous system. Balances masculine/feminine. Stills the mind. Unifies heart & throat chakras. Builds confidence.

Bead size: 8mm